FMO Magic Water Step 2: e¯ Balance

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This lightweight, purifying mist fights dullness, excess shine, and evens out complexion. It detoxifies and protects skin from pollutants preventing visible skin damage and breakouts, delivering instant hydration to tired dull looking skin and restoring it to the radiant glow of a healthy skin.

What's Special?.

  • 100% natural, this ionized alkaline water is rich in essential natural minerals to fortify the skin
  • Our patented water-science technology with negatively charged ions, is clinically proven to prevent the loss of moisture (TEWL), leaving skin well hydrated, protected, balanced and radiant
  • Acts as a natural defense shield for skin, neutralizing free radicals and detoxifying epidermal build-up from pollutants
  • Micro-shadows caused by enlarged pores are reduced, resulting in a more even textured complexion that is clarified and luminous.


  • spray mist evenly onto the cleansed skin of face and neck.

  • Leave on the skin to get absorbed, until the skin fells just lightly damp.

  • Follow with the Step 3 Serum treatment.

  • Apply morning and evening.

  • Tonic can be used throughout the day to refresh the skin exposed to sun, heat, dry air, and whenever skin feels dried or tired. 


Magic Water Formula with Mineral Salts, Na, P, K, Cl, Si, Ca, Mg (0,3%), Nectapure B

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4.40 Ounces
Volume | Weight:
100ml | 3.38fl.oz
Suitable For:
All Skin Types
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