About Keralock

KERALOCK has been the brand for high-quality, stylish hair styling products for more than 50 years. In the production of its premium products, the company relies on proven formulations for gentle hair dyeing and simultaneous scalp care. At the same time, KERALOCK uses its many years of expertise in the field of hair color and hair care for the development of innovative concepts made in Germany. With ONE COLOR, KERALOCK Coloration now sets new standards and shows how easily, comfortably, and sustainably you can achieve brilliant color nuances even at home.

What's Special About One Color?

This hair color has it all! It is ready to go and brings the best quality in dyeing, thanks to the balanced use of pigment and oxidant. The two components can be applied directly to the supplied application comb in an optimal mixing ratio and immediately incorporated into the hair. This patented balancing mechanism eliminates the need for mixing and minute-long shaking, as is known from conventional hair colors. At the same time, ONE COLOR by KERALOCK is reusable by the separate storage of the components up to four months after first use, so that renewable hair can be recolored with the same nuance. The content is sufficient for one-off basic dyeing for shoulder-length hair and up to twice re-coloring – for a vibrant color full of radiance and a safe grey hair cover. Available in ten brilliant shades.