Eliah Sahil Organic Care

Eliah Sahil was founded by Silvio Perpmer in Bregenz on the Austrian side of Lake Constance. Inspired by the birth of his son (Eliah Sahil), he decided to create a cosmetic brand that would be 100% natural, organic, vegan, gentle on the skin and hair and, above all, benign to the environment. 


Environmental awareness has been a constant thread running through Silvio’s life:
As early as the 1990s, this qualified yoga instructor founded The Home of Silence Lodge, and the certified-organic cleansing brand Planet Pure. Thanks to the efforts of Silvio and his team over the last twenty years, Planet Pure has become an international bestseller of pure organic home care products.


With Eliah Sahil, he went one step further, establishing a certified-organic cosmetics brand that takes nature as its model and processes all raw materials exclusively in their purest form.

The high-quality essences from herbs, flowers and minerals are extracted sparingly and processed with care.


This is because Eliah Sahil is committed to nature and all living beings on the planet. Every product is guaranteed vegan and free from animal testing as well as exclusively produced in Austria.



Benefits of Organic Powders


Liquid shampoos and shower gels generally have a water content approaching 75%, which obviously increases transport weight and thereby adds to CO² emissions. The remaining 25% mainly consists of irritating surfactants, preservatives, fragrances, thickeners, alcohols, parabens, and palm oils.


These ingredients are mostly obtained synthetically or from monocultures and produced using chemical processes with questionable additives.


Unfortunately, surfactants and preservatives are also used in natural shampoos. Although these ‘greener’ surfactants are mostly of natural origin and are also more quickly biodegradable, they are not organically grown (free of pesticides), nor are they unadulterated.


The advantage of liquid products is that they are easier to apply, dissolve fats more quickly and generate plentiful foam – but that’s as far as it goes. 

The skin, as our largest organ, dries out and transports these unwanted ingredients into our body. The packaging is usually made of petroleum-based plastic.


Our powder products contain 100% active ingredients and come from certified organic cultivation. This means that our raw materials are completely natural and free from the pesticides that not only damage soil structure and microorganisms but are also harmful to insect and animal life.


They are not subjected to any chemical changes in the production process (saponification, etherification, or other synthetic processes) which would pollute our wastewater, and they are gentle on the skin.


Because our packaging is 100% plastic free, we drastically reduce CO² emissions and packaging waste.